Artist Statement

Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon in which the human mind seeks out representational images when given a vague and random visual stimulus; filling in details to create understanding from the abstract.
‘Anxious clusters’ is my way of translating an anxious mindset into an endless shifting body of images found within otherwise abstracted visuals. The process of finding these identifiable images echoes the psychological process of revealing one’s state of mind through the analysis of images an individual sees. This visual is achieved by staining the paper with watercolours in an uncontrolled manner that limits the aesthetic outcome.The accumulation of these specimen sized watercolours forces the viewer to not only stand back to view the clusters as a whole, but approach the work very closely. In approaching these fragmented images they speak softly, slowly revealing themselves through subtle drawings; ghoulish faces, insects and autonomous worlds. This undertaking reflects the intimacy involved in gaining knowledge of someone’s worries. The juxtaposition of imagery creates an unresolved glimpse into different anxieties portrayed and invites the viewer to project their own state of mind on the watercolours that are left untouched.

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